PATCh Tool Apps

Welcome to PATCh, the Python Analysis Toolkit for Childrens services. PATCh is a set of free and open-source data apps made by local authority analysts. The platform is managed by Data to Insight, and it was developed in partnership with Social Finance, Wigan Council, and volunteers from multiple local authorities.

PATCh runs entirely in your web browser, which means that no data about children leaves your network when you use it, and you don’t need to install extra software to use it. We review code submissions from local authority analysts prior to sharing them via PATCh, and we share all code via the D2I code library for anyone to inspect. To view our full warranty/disclaimer, which you agree to by continuing to use the tool, please click here.

PATCh is designed to help you learn to code and share your work, as well as to benefit from others doing the same. You’ll find buttons to view code and contribute code at the top of each app. We also offer support to LA analysts seeking to learn Python.

Info on how to contribute, including contact details and access to learning resources, can be found here.


Introduction on how to work with PATCh and Streamlit.


Template app that asks for the user name and prints it in return.

How Early Help provision varies by Child Characteristics

Use case for quality data charts and analysis

Annex A Journeys Sankey

Use case for quality data sankey diagram.

Ofsted care provider market analysis tool

This tool analyses a list of social care providers as provided by Ofsted.

Disproportionality tool

Python deployment of the disproportionality tool to compare ethnic breakdowns between LAs or other settings.

PATCh Demo

A demo of the PATCh tool with a very simple example of the type of visualisaiton/dashboarding thats possible.

Placement distance by child characteristic

Uses header and placement distance extended to explore how placement distance varies by characteristic.

Drift Tool

Uses historic Referrals, Child Protection plan and CLA data to visualise drift.